Our Design Process

Providing quality customer service from the initial consultation through installation

Each project is wonderfully unique, and our design process will keep us connected throughout the journey. We understand you are looking to make sure you can create a space that you can really love, appreciate, and enjoy.


  • Take time to gather inspiration images.

  • If you are replacing or redesigning a current space(s) take photos and get approximate measurements. If you are moving into a new space be sure to get an extra copy of your blueprints from your contractor. If needed, we are able help assist with this.

  • Think over your must haves and wish list for the space(s), and the daily routines that make up your lifestyle.

  • We will do an initial consultation to review all of your discovery, and assist in more discovery and ideas as needed. Consultations can be done at our space, and we also have options coordinate consultations at your home.

  • Our team will discuss cabinet/door style options, finishes & related costs relative to budget comfort zone.

  • This will also be a great time to discuss other needs such as countertops, cabinet hardware, and other items that may be needed or desired.


  • Floor plans are created pricing is presented. If you decide to continue with us from this point there will be a small investment retainer required to continue the design process, fine tune measurements, and receive detailed layouts & renderings as we finalize the design your space(s)

  • We will work on the final selection of cabinetry, countertops, hardware, and other elements that may be needed.

  • You will receive a detailed final design and pricing proposal, and will review the next steps.

  • Once there is a final design and pricing agreement there will be a 50% deposit required to start the ordering process.

  • We will verify timeframes, review checklists to prep the space for installation, place orders and schedule delivery. If your space is new construction we will also need to coordinate final measurements and scheduling with your contractor. For new construction we will measure after interior walls, electrical, and plumbing are up to compare them with blueprints, and again after the drywall is complete.


  • We will coordinate scheduling for demolition of the space if required, delivery, and installation.

  • Upon delivery the remaining balance is due prior to starting installation.

  • Installation process commences, and we will continue to ensure that your space is transformed as envisioned.

  • If change orders are desired during the process we will pause installation to review the changes requested and collect payment for the change order in full. At this point we will revise ordering and scheduling as needed.


  • Once the installation is complete we will create a final punch list with you as needed.

  • We will ensure the journey is completed to your satisfaction, and do a final walk through.

From the moment we meet until our dedicated installers leave your home, you and your project will receive our team’s full attention.