Cabinet & Countertop Measurement Guide

Our measurement guide is designed to help you get measurements from you space to start the planning process, and to help us present you a rough estimate for your project. This guide can help us to get an idea of your current or desired cabinets, countertops, appliances, and more.

To begin planning your space and putting together an estimate we need to know the measurements. Our measurement guide is a tool for collecting necessary information to help you, and our designer team, determine how your space can function. By drawing a floor plan and completing the measurement guide it will make it easier for our design team to understand your space.

This does not have to be a work of art. Just a clear, simple drawing (as accurate as possible) of your space(s). You may need an extra hand in holding the measuring tape for longer measurements. Double check all your measurements. This guide will get you and our design team off to a great start.

Each step is explained in the PDF file to illustrate how your layout should look. The guide also asks some basic questions that will help our designers start to understand your space.

We do have options if you need help with getting basic measurements. This guide is a great starting point, and once we have our initial consultation and you decide to move forward our design team will come to your home or commercial space to get more accurate measurements while we work together to bring your vision to reality.