This solid natural bamboo cutting board fits your Ruvati workstation sink. You can get it as a replacement or as an extra cutting board for your daily needs.

Solid natural bamboo construction. Strong and durable.
Fits all Ruvati workstation kitchen sinks (not bar sinks) including single tier (Roma, Verona and Siena series) as well as dual tier sinks.
Flat on one side, and drain groove on the other. You can use either side on top of your workstation sink. Slides freely on the built-in ledge of your workstation.
FOOD-SAFE: Sealed with food-grade mineral oil. No stain used.
Overall dimension: 17-1/8″ long by 11″ wide by 7/8″ thick
Fits the following Ruvati models: RVH8002, RVH8003, RVH8023, RVH8030, RVH8035, RVH8222, RVH8255, RVH8277, RVH8299, RVH8300, RVH8301, RVH8307, RVH8308, RVH8309, RVH8310, RVH8333, RVH8341, RVH8345, RVH8350, RVH8351, RVH8356, RVH8359, RVH8555, RVH8570, RVH8582, RVH8591, RVH8596, RVH9020, RVH9050, RVH9100, RVH9200, RVH9201, RVH9222, RVH9300, RVH9301, RVH9333
Ruvati 1 year limited warranty.