This 2-inch thick END-GRAIN solid hardwood butcher block from Ruvati is the ultimate companion for your culinary experience. Sized to fit perfectly and slide on the built-in ledges of your Ruvati workstation sinks. In dual-tier workstation sinks, it fits on both the upper and lower tiers. End-grain means the board is made of short pieces of wood standing on their end (vertically instead of sideways). This gives a beautiful checkered finish, and a cutting surface that is strong and durable. The surface is made of the fibrous ends of the wood, and with every blow the knife slide between the wood fibers. This helps keep your knives sharper and makes your chopping a pleasure. You can use this butcher block by itself on top of your counter, or if you have Ruvati workstation sink, it sits and slides conventiently on top of your sink.

Made of solid FRENCH OAK wood. French oak has a naturally light color and a beautiful grain pattern, making it an ideal choice for butcher blocks.
Extra THICK and heavy-duty – Solid 2-inch thick hardwood construction makes this cutting board extremely sturdy and durable.
END-GRAIN construction makes this one of the best butcher block for your knives. End grain is better for your knives, more resilient and durable under heavy use, and is naturally resistant to bacteria and mold.
This butcher block fits on all Ruvati workstation kitchen sinks including single tier (Roma, Verona and Siena series) and dual tier sinks. It slides on the ledges built into your Ruvati workstation sink.
Dimensions: 17″ (length) x 15-3/4″ (width) x 2″ (height)
Naturally resistant to bacterial, mold and mildew due to the end-grain surface.
Softer on your knives: end-grain surface of this board ensures your knife stays sharp even after heavy use.
FOOD-SAFE: Stained and sealed with FDA Approved food-grade vegetable tannin and mineral oil.
Rubber feet: Thick heavy duty BPA-free rubber feet attached to the board with stainless steel screws.
Includes sample bottle of Howard’s wood conditioner, one of the most trusted names in Butcher Block care products.
Care instructions included. Never leave your butcher block wet or soaked in water. Do not put in dishwasher. Wipe off any liquid or water after use and let air dry.
Condition regularly with the included wood conditioner, or with food-grade mineral oil or vegetable to keep the wood grain sealed and healthy.
Ruvati 1 year limited warranty.
NOTE: Color and grain pattern of the wood may vary slightly from the pictures since each piece is uniquely handcrafted from natural wood.