This fireclay kitchen sink from Ruvati is the newest addition to the Fiamma collection. It features a curved bow front that adds to the beauty of the farmhouse style. Handbuilt in ITALY by skilled artisans, Ruvati fireclay sinks are at the pinnacle of art and form. The raw clay used in Ruvati’s fireclay sinks is a unique natural white clay found only in a few regions in the world, including Italy. The clay is fired at an extremely high temperature of 2900 degrees Fahrenheit giving the solid sink exceptional strength and durability. During the process the surface of the sink fuses with the interior, giving an enamel surface that is completely resistant to chips, cracks, abrasions and scratches. These properties make Ruvati fireclay sinks a superior choice compared to alternative materials such as cast iron enamel and ceramic sinks which can easily chip or crack. Ruvati is one of the few manufacturers to source their fireclay sinks from Italy, one of the few regions in the world that produces true fireclay. Alternative ceramic sinks from competitors, sourced from other regions of the world such as Asia and Middle East, may look similar to fireclay, but are not anywhere close to the strength and durability offered by true Italian fireclay sinks. This Fiamma sink comes in a large size of 33″ wide by 20″ front-to-back giving you ample sink space. The 9″ internal bowl depth makes it easy to stack dishes or clean large pots and pans. For more than 200 years, fireclay sinks have been renowned for their strength and practicality in European kitchens and farmhouses. Ruvati’s Fiamma fireclay sink now brings this timeless farmhouse classic to the modern American kitchen.

Made in ITALY – each sink is meticulously handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans
Constructed of true fireclay – a special white clay that is fired at 2900 degree Fahrenheit for extreme strength and durability
Enamel sink surface is fused to the solid fireclay in a proprietary process making the surface completely resistant to chips, abrasion or scratches
Resistant to high temperatures, hot water, acids and common household chemicals
Curved BOW FRONT: adds to the beauty of the farmhouse style
Large bowl design: 33-inch wide and 20-inch front-to-back gives you plenty of usable space
Extra Deep Bowl: 9 inch internal bowl depth gives ample space for all your dishes and large pots and pans
Standard 3.5″ drain opening will fit any garbage disposal unit (Due to the 1″ thick fireclay bottom, you may need extended flange for your disposal)
Exterior Dimensions: 33″ (wide) x 19-1/2″ (front-to-back)
Interior Dimensions: 31″ (wide) x 17″ (front-to-back) x 9″ (internal bowl depth)
Minimum Base Cabinet Size (recommended): 36-inch
Color / Finish: White
Included in box: fireclay sink, bottom rinse grid, drain assembly, installation guide
Ruvati Limited Lifetime Warranty